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    PRODUCTS > Plastic extruder > Efficient single screw extruder

    Efficient single screw extruder

    JYH series new type high efficiency single screw extruder is developed by

    our company, which is mainly used for the extrusion of TEO plastic materials.

    1)It adopts advanced technology and results in high output, good plasticization

    and wide applications.
    2)It is suitable for various TEO plastic materials such as HDPE, PPR, PP, ABS,

    and PMMA.

    3)Advanced computer module control system enables implementation of automatic control on overall production line.

    4)Temperature control system of excellent performance ensures stable output.

    5)Powerful driven system assures durablity and easy maintenance.

    6)Design of compulsively water-cooling and feeding grooved sleeve ensures steady and even production.

    7)Electricity-resistant heating ring and super noise-free ventilator is designed imitating imported product.

    8)Low-abrasion design of screw

    9)High fusion of material

    10)Even fusing material

    11)Low consumption of energy

    12)Even chroma and excellent effect of prefabricated mixture production

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