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    PRODUCTS > Auxiliary equipment > Auxiliary machinery

    Auxiliary machinery

    Introduction of Auxiliary machinery:

    Unit characteristic:

    the unit can choose the different  main engines by the different materials .

    the PVC main engine uses the double- screw  extruder to ensure the plastic  effect, high speed and high pressure.

    the PE main engine uses efficient BM mixed polyethylene special-purpose screw to guarantee high speed, high efficiency   and precise extruding.

    the perforated pipe nose (PVC, PE) which is specially designed by the material characteristic guarantee the high speed extruding stability and the tubing inner and outer wall bright and clean.

    the tractor uses the import frequency conversion velocity modulation, up and down drive type to achieve the big force of traction ,at the result of satisfying the need of unit high speed production.

    broad adoption scope: it can produce various three orifices to seven porous tubing ,such as PVC, PE and PP

    Auxiliary machinery
    Haul-off power:4kw
    cutting power:1.5kw

    Mold of main machine

    65/30single screw extruder65/132conical twin screw extruder
    length:2200mmRatio L/D30:1
    Saw blade dia:φ400mmMotorpower:kw30-4530-37
    Haul-off speed:0-3m/minScrewspeed:r/min4-383.7-37
    Stack frameOutput:kg120200

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