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    PRODUCTS > Plastic sheet production line > PS/ABS/PC plastic plate sheet production line

    PS/ABS/PC plastic plate sheet production line

    Screw diameterPE/PP/PVC/PS/ABS Plastic Sheet/Plate Extrusion line

    This pruducing line is used to make PVC,PET,PE,PS,ABS and other plastic material sheet and plate with the width of less than 3000mm and thickness of 0.15-20mm.WH-BP Serial sheet extrusion line is composed by screw extruder,three roll press-polishing machine,cooling shelf,haulf machine,cutter and stack.It can be adjusted to customers' order of specific material and capacity by changing the type of extuder and mould.

    Main features:

    1.specially designed screw has the virtue of fluxing plastic,color,and luster evenly and high output

    2.precize temperature control and special moulds ensure accurate size of sheet.

    3.the winder can automatically adjust the speed and tension and set the width of needed products freely.

    4.the meter counter can set the length of the sheet.

    specification of APET, PETG sheet extrusion line

    Main extruder screw diameter120mm
    Main extruder L/D33:133:1
    motor power of main extruder132kw132kw
    Co-extruder screw diameter60mm45mm
    Co-extruder L/D33:130:1
    motor power of co-extruder37kw24kw
    Thickness of sheet0.2-1.4mm0.2-1.4mm
    Width of sheet540-1460mm540-1460mm
    actual  power consumed180kw165kw

    Technical specification of PP, PS sheet extrusion and co-extrusion line

    Screw diameter65mm-150mm
    Screw L/D33:1
    Power of motor30-250kw
    sheet thickness range0.2-2mm
    sheet width range400mm-2000mm
    actual power consumed60% electrical installed power

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