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    PRODUCTS > Auxiliary equipment > Pipe Mould

    Pipe Mould

    Mould Features:
    1, the melt flow rate to achieve the desired uniformity of the mechanical and thermal uniformity.
    2, no core mold bracket, make the production flow patterns occur frequently disappear.
    3, the pressure consumption, high yield, yield can be achieved out of 80%.
    4, compact body, the connection is reasonable, easy to replace.
    5, using high-quality mold steel.
    6, stainless steel or copper water ring sizing sleeve.

    Second, PE tube die:
    Specifications: ф10-630
    Mold type; scaffolding, spiral, blue type, co-extruded composite mold.
    Applications: water pipe, gas pipe, heat preservation tube, heat pipe, jacket tube

    Third, PVC pipe mold:
    Specifications: ф10-630
    Spiral PVC foam pipe mold 50-160 (a machine).
    Replacement of the die, spiral mandrel to produce the foam, solid wall inner helix pipe, solid wall pipe, foam pipe.

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