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    PRODUCTS > Auxiliary equipment > PVC window profile welding machine

    PVC window profile welding machine

    This machine is used for PVC door and window welding processing. The four heads can work at the same time, and it enables a one-step welding for rectangle window pane.  It adopted PLC, It features high reliability and wide processing range. It is efficient and suitable for batch production. The operation is very easy. The rectangle window frame can be welded at one step. It is very efficient.

    Technical Data:
    Air pressure                0.5-0.8MPa
    Air consumption        200L/min
    Input power               380V 50HZ
    Total power                7.0KW
    Welding length          300x300-1800x3000mm
    Welding height          20-120mm
    Welding width           120mm

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